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“Exciting Climb”
Exacting Clam

“The Space”
Electric Literature

“The Page 98 Review”
Exacting Clam

“Missing Poem Report”
Exacting Clam

“The Word Party”
Exacting Clam

“Action Figure”
No Contact

“The Literary Reading”
Exacting Clam

“Success Story”
Electric Literature

“You Can’t Do That on Television” [excerpted from Golden Delicious]
Harvard Review Online

Royal Jubilee” [excerpted from Golden Delicious]
Literary Hub

“Trout Heart”
draft: The Journal of Process

“Slippery” + “Family”
Web Conjunctions

“Strange Animal” [three stories]

“Maryland” + “The New Allen”


Object Review: UGears Hurdy-Gurdy
The Believer

Saying Thank You To Denis Johnson, The ‘Writer’s Writer’s Writer’
WBUR’s The Artery

“‘How Should a Person Be?’ by Sheila Heti” [review]
The Boston Globe

Cut Through the Bone, by Ethel Rohan [review]
The Believer

“Influenced By” [“Aimee Bender” + “Denis Johnson” + “George Saunders“]
The Believer

Writers Recommend”
Poets & Writers Online

Bon Iver’s Good Vibrations
Cape Cod Times